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Whether you are charged with running a stop sign, speeding, reckless driving or any other violation DO NOT just pay off your ticket and DO NOT take the advice of the police officer or your insurance company as to how you should resolve your ticket. There is one thing I always tell people. That is, NEVER TAKE LEGAL ADVICE FROM THE PERSON WHO STANDS TO BENEFIT FROM GIVING YOU THE WRONG ADVICE. Why someone would take legal advice from the same person who would be testifying against them in a trial situation or the same person who stands to benefit by way of charging increased insurance premiums is just beyond me. There are reasons why people who are not attorneys are not supposed to give legal advice. The biggest reason is because about 75% of the time it is the wrong advice. 

There are many situations where your ticket can be reduced to a nonmoving violation to prevent from getting points on both your driver's license and insurance. For the most part there are only a few factors that determine what will happen with respect to a ticket. The most obvious is what you were charged with. For example, if it is a speeding ticket it matters how much over the limit you were. If it is Reckless Driving it matters what you were doing that the officer considered to be reckless. Next, your driving record will play a role in what the outcome will be. The better your record is the more likely it is that I can get you where you want to be. Finally, your interaction with the officer can also have an impact of what happens. It goes without saying that cursing at the officer or being extremely argumentative are never a good idea. There is a place on most citations for the officer to type in remarks that print off on the original that is on file at the courthouse that are not on the copy you are given. There are other things that go into what will happen on a ticket but the ones mentioned above are the big ones.  

I can resolve most tickets without you ever having to take a day off work, stand in line or appear in court. I have personally handled thousands of tickets in Cabarrus County. Also, it is never too late to retain me for your ticket. I can appear in court for you even if you call before court on the morning of your court date. If you showed up late for court or forgot about court altogether I can also assist you. My office is right across from the Cabarrus Cuonty Courthouse and I can get from my desk to the courtroom in a matter of a few minutes.

I charge a all-inclusive flat fee of $325.00 for most tickets and I GUARANTEE THE LOWEST OVERALL PRICE. No portion of this amount will be refunded and you will not pay any more than that amount. Frankly, for what I charge to handle most tickets it is not worth taking off work, getting your driving record, going to court and waiting in line only to hope you are getting the best deal available. Many times you won't. I can't count the number of people I have watched come into court without an attorney and leave with a smile thinking they got a great deal when, in fact, they got no deal at all. 

Now, I would like to just provide some practical considerations to take into account and some things to look out for. Hire an attorney to handle your ticket that has an office in and practices in the county where you have to go to court. I can't tell you how many people I have represented for having their license suspended or had an order for their arrest issued because an attorney did not show up to court for them. If an attorney practices in multiple counties the likelihood that they will not make it to court on time for you increases drastically with each county they try to run back and forth to. Also, attorneys running to multiple jurisdictions in the same day may end up tossing your ticket to another attorney who did get to court on time to resolve or continue for them. Some attorneys who handle tickets also will only come on administrative court dates. Here in Cabarrus County those administrative dates are on Fridays when they are generally not handling anything but tickets. In order to prevent having to continue a case and come back on a court date Monday through Thursday they may take a deal that is not the best deal available such as a Prayer for Judgment or simply a reduction in speed rather than a nonmoving violation. Monday through Thursday court dates in Concord are regular District Court which move more slowly since all types of cases are being handled. I will go as many times as possible, regardless of the day of the week, to attempt to resolve your ticket in the best possible manner at no additional cost to you.